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Cialis Generic Jelly - Erectile Dysfunction (Tadalafil), Buy Cialis Online Tadalafil Cheap Vs Generic

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Microchip Identification

A Great Gift Idea!
A simple scan could save your pet's life, and save you from a lot of worry. Tragically, statistics show that about 95 percent of the stray animals euthanized in U.S. animals shelters are euthanized because the holding agency cannot locate an owner. Collars are taken off, and tags get lost, but with an AVID microchip, your pet can't leave home without his identification.

The microchip is a permanent form of identification that will not fade or be lost over time, as can occur with tattoos or tags. The AVID microchip consists of a tiny capsule, about the size of a grain of rice, which is permanently injected just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. The process is quick, safe, painless, and requires no anesthesia. The unique number programmed into each chip can be read by passing a scanner over the back of the animal to obtain owner information. Most animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, and some police departments are equipped with scanners to ensure the safe and quick return of your pet if it becomes lost or stolen.

The Cialis Generic Jelly - Erectile Dysfunction (Tadalafil), Buy Cialis Online Tadalafil Cheap Vs Generic microchips all our canines and felines at time of adoption. The cost of the microchip is included in the adoption fee. If you are interested in microchipping your pet, the fee is $25, which includes the international registration.

For more information about this valuable, potentially life-saving service, please call the Shelter during business hours.





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