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Humane Society of the North Bay

Non-Profit • Supported by Donations


Our "Sit Up and Beg" List – Items We Always Need!

We're always in need of donations of the following:

• Wet Kitten Food
• Dry & Canned Dog/Cat Food
• Plastic Kiddie Pools (to keep dogs cool in summer)
• Canned Sardines (in water)
• Olive Oil (First Cold Pressed)
• Dog & Cat Kong Toys (Any Size)
• Dog & Cat Beds
• Plain Dog and Cat Treats
• Advantage or Frontline (Any Size)
• Paper Towels
• Postage Stamps

Drop items off at:

Humane Society of the North Bay
1121 Sonoma Blvd. (corner of Sonoma and Solano Avenue, across from Bob's Mobile Auto Repair). For map, click here.

Or call Peter Wilson at 707.645.7905, ext. 113. to arrange a pick-up.

The animals thank you!